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The Best Valentine Gift Ever….



I know what you’re thinking; that a grandchild would be the best Valentines gift ever but…no you would be wrong. Living long enough to see the child grow up to be a lovely young woman now THAT would be the best gift.

I want everyone of you to look long at this picture above. Imagine that is is your mother and your child (sister and niece, friend or any variation you wish), sweet picture, makes you feel warm and cozy, right?  NOW imagine that your mom (sister, cousin) was not in the picture any longer, not so nice now is it?

So how does all of this relate to Valentine’s Day? What better gift could you give someone than the gift of life and love? Buy your sweetie (whomever that may be) a nice card and inside make a note that you donated to The Christine Senger-Bryan Gamma Knife Fund. Many of you have seen my repeated postings on face book and many of you know Christine personally. Christine has brain tumors that are not able to be operated on in a conventional manner, but a laser procedure would be able to be done. However, even the co-pay is so expensive that she will need help with expenses.  Her friends have rallied around her and are doing all they can but it is still far from the mark. That is when they decided to set up the GiveForward Fund to help. It is an excellent on line fundraiser and to learn more just click on the link above. To read more about Christine and her fund just click here or on her name above.

It doesn’t matter if you know her personally or not, you can still use this as a great opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ or just say this year instead of candy that will make you fat or flowers that will die “I am donating this, in your name so that one more grandmother has a chance to see her grandchild grow up.”

If you would like to know more about this courageous woman and her friends – even if you are not able to donate go to the site and see the generous outpouring she has already received. For additional information you can visit the website of Andie Meeks, a friend of Christine and an artist who is donating her work to the cause.