Oh Crap, It’s Monday Again, Maudie!

Here Mr. Turnblatt is coaching his secretary, Judy, in the proper  form used in “Pickle Punting.” Mr. Turnblatt hopes that this year at the company picnic his accounting department will win first prize.


Thursday Throwback…

Yes, I am one of those Boomers who doesn’t want to grow up, get old, feeble and all those horrid adjectives. And I love “my” music as much as the next septuagenarian but PBS has got to stop doing these fund raising retrospectives!  Let us listen to our music but don’t make us face up to how old we really are, for heavens sake! Good Gawd, people find some other way to make money, but stop putting on these aging rockers that made our hearts flutter when we were young and now make us totally cringe.

Perhaps I am being unkind but when I see guys in their 60’s, 70’s singing songs that are clearly meant for teens or at best young 20 somethings it makes me remember why mom said not to do drugs (..wish I had listened).  We boomers have done ourselves a disservice by insisting on products to prolong our youthfulness; when I hear “Can’t get no satisfaction” I don’t think of disenfranchised youth; I think of Viagra commercials. “We gotta get out of this place” evokes a mass jailbreak from the nursing home our kids have (rightly in some cases) consigned us to. “Oh lord please don’t let me be misunderstood” could simply be a plea to our doctors about figuring out the right dosage of our heart meds.  Gerry and the Pacemakers, for cryin’ out loud!  At least their name has kept up with the times. Unfortunately, as the years have passed these Brit rockers haven’t got better dental care;  yet we are treated to close-ups of British teeth that the years  have (horrors!) made worse.

Then there are the cuts to the audience “rockin away” and I am reminded why I listen to this music in my car or in my home, and not in public places-so I won’t be tempted to dance  along with it. It looks like the “exercises” that the social director in the local home makes the residents join in so they can keep those arthritic joints mobile for just a bit longer. Now I know this makes me sound bitter but I am not, honestly! I am content with my life, I have had my moment in the sun and I still am involved with life. But there is a place and time and now it is time for a different set of youth to take over. I do wonder what it will be like for them when they reach this age…

If they are smart, they won’t subject themselves to 70 somethings with multiple piercings singing about someones bootylicious ass…

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Just Another Manic Monday….

Just another day at the Pan-Am Stewardess Training Classes.  Here the gals are learning the speech about putting on oxygen in the case of an emergency.  Looks like Glenn Miller and the band already have theirs on! Come fly with me…


Have I Told You Lately…

…how proud I am of you. You have had so many obstacles in your life and overcome them all with grace and your own brand of style and humor.  I don’t think I could ever convey how deeply you touch the lives around you, taking it in stride, not thinking yourself exceptional-but my dear you are!

Tomorrow you as you walk that aisle your grandfather and I will be the proudest people there.  And I don’t know about your grandfather but I know I will be ruining my make-up with tears of joy.

As you make your way into the world remember all those who have touched your life in some way-the good and the not so good…for each one has shaped your life and personality into what it is today. And hard as it is to say I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are a beautiful person inside and out and we are lucky to be in your life.



**for my dear granddaughter upon her graduation from college

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Oh Crap, It’s Monday!

Yep, for those of you that follow a regular schedule it is that most hated day of the week-monday.  So I thought I would brighten your day with some random silliness.

                                           Martha and Edwina on vacation at the powder keg factory.


My First Tutorial – Metal Plant Markers

Since I live in the ‘burbs I don’t have a large garden, my garden is a collection of pots and planters on my deck.  That suits me just fine; it’s easy to take care of, fragrant and pretty.  I decided that I wanted to dress it up a bit, add something but I didn’t know what.  After looking through the garden “decor” at the local stores and finding nothing, I thought I could do better. Also people kept asking me “what kind of herb/plant/flower is that?”  Lo and behold, the metal marker idea was born!

Here is what it looks like in my garden. I have used different types of metal that I had around my workshop, but copper is the easiest and cheapest to find. Hobby Lobby usually has sheets of it for a fairly reasonable price.

Now for the tutorial:

This is an easy project and adds a cute quaint touch to your garden or patio grouping. While it is easy to do you are working with metal so you need to be careful! Wear safety glasses and handle the metal carefully. It will cut you if you aren’t careful.

Here is what I used:

24 gauge sheet metal, copper is good to start with, metal shears, a template of your design, chasing hammer, metal stamps, bench block and sharpie. This being my first tutorial I forgot the sandpaper but you will need that-any coarse grade will do.

Using your sharpie and the template draw your design on the metal and cut out. BE CAREFUL IT HURTS WHEN YOU GET CUT BY METAL-I KNOW!

You will want to beat the plain metal to give it texure. Texture always creates a more interesting look and as the copper oxidizes it will look even better. This pic shows the “ball” side of the hammer.

Here is the chasing side and I am using the edge for lines.  I usually combine both types of texture for maximum interest.

You will notice as you pound the metal it will tend to curve-simply turn it over and pound the other side! This is great for unresolved anger…just pound the dickens out of it! The old, distressed look is in now!

Here are the metal stamps you will use. I got mine at Harbor Freight for a very cheap price. After you are done texturing the marker then you want to stamp the name on.  Make sure you hit the stamp hard and ‘dead-on’ so you get a good, deep impression

After you have textured and stamped with your plant names take a small file (yes forgot to mention that too!) file off the rough edges and points and then go over it with the coarse sandpaper. Gently (at first) test the edges for any rough spots and hit it again with the sandpaper.  You don’t want any sharp points to snag you as you are cutting flowers or herbs. My kitty, Peeps, likes to nose among the flowers too so I am extra careful on her account.

In the photo above I show the three different metals that I have used: Top is copper, middle is nickel silver, and the bottom is bronze.  I find the copper much easier to work with, the nickel is also fairly easy, but the bronze I find too hard for my old hands. One of those was all I could manage.  The copper will take on a nice green patina as it ages anyway so that is an added plus.

On the top marker I have traced over the letters with a Sharpie indelible pen, after it dries use the sandpaper to remove it from the top leaving it behind in the letters.

 I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH-SHARP EDGES!  Just remember to take it slow, be deliberate and if you drop it don’t try to catch it.  All things I learned through trial and error.

Clean-up is also very important! I am very bad about that, however with this project you have to be careful to get all the curlicues and bits you have cut off. I have my work area in the basement but managed to bring one of these bits upstairs with me. I found it whilst going barefoot-now I am more careful.

More photos of my project.  If you have all your material on hand you should be able to finish three or four of these in one afternoon.  As you make more you will get quicker, but don’t forget your safety.  Pretty soon your friends will want them as well.  They would make a great gift for a hostess.  A small pot of herbs with its own little marker.

I hope this has been helpful and if you have any questions I would be glad to answer them.  Thanks for checking it out!



O’Charleys – Part Deux

So back in April I posted about my dinner at O’Charley’s Eastgate how it left something to be desired-mainly the appetizer which wasn’t brought out until after the dinner. If you read the post you also saw that the manager and our waitress were right on top of the situation and we went away willing to give  it another try.

Last night Date Guy and I went back. As neither of us had lunch we were hungry and went early. Being friday afternoon/evening and Happy Hour the place was crowded!  We were seated within 10 minutes and our waitress Deanne was right on top of our drink order. After looking at the menu I saw what I wanted and it wasn’t on the menu. Here I’ll explain…what was on the menu was a Chicken Bacon Bleu on Ciabbata Roll.  Ok all of that sounded good but I had chicken the previous two nights and wanted a burger.  I asked Deanna if the kitchen could substitute a hambuger making it a Burger Bacon Bleu, and sure enough they did without blinking an eye.  Date Guy had steak the previous two nights so he opted for chicken.

We both enjoyed our meals and as the picture shows my burger was wonderful ( the fries were great as well).  Date Guy is not too expressive but he did enjoy his chicken and pasta (and happy hour draft).  Our waitress checked on us often enough to show she cared but not so often as to annoy us.  I have to say a kind word for all the staff here:

We were sitting by the bar and three blond bimbos (sorry- I call it as I see it) were leaving when they spied someone they knew at the bar.  They descended like colorful parrots and proceeded to hog the aisle between the bar and the row of tables where we were seated.  Totally oblivious to the wait staff and other patrons also trying to leave they stood and talked for half an hour or more.  Meanwhile, the staff was trying to carry trays of food, drink jugs and plain just get by them.  These gals must have had tunnel vision because the staff was clearly having a hard time navigating that tiny space but they weren’t going to budge until they were ready. At one point another gal joined them!  Kudos to the staff for not “accidently” spilling a drink jug on them (this is why I was never a waitress!) They didn’t even say that  it was creating a fire hazard, they just kept on working as best as they could under the circumstances. Hats off to you guys!

So our return trip to O’Charley”s was a success; the food was good, the staff has always been great and I will certainly return again.


Cool Blues….And Pinks, Purples…

Since I can never make up my mind what flowers I want I have done two sides.  The previous post showed the warm colors and this side has the blues and purples that I love as well. Really why should we have to decide about flowers-they are all lovely.

These will need to fill out a bit since they have just been planted but I have : Phlox, angelina, petunias, morning glories (seeds waiting to sprout) two kinds of ivy, dianthus, boxwood tarragon, Mexican heather and strelitzia (the tall leaves on the right) which I believe is also called bird of paradise.

I will post updated pics as they (hopefully) fill out and get lush.