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Funny how time slips away…

   It was a year ago that my good friend Harry lost his wife.  Well, that’s an odd term we use….he knew where she was, he didn’t lose her;  her body finally decided that it had enough and decided to return to its spirit form.  We use all these platitudes to try and keep the pain at bay…”passed on”…”with the angels”…”in a better place”.  But really none of it addresses the fact that when some one who has been so much a part of our lives, a constant like the North Star, when that is ripped from us we are adrift in a whole sea of pain. No pretty words will erase that.  Many get lost themselves in behavior that while it is intended to fix the problem only makes it worse.  In the end we realize that the only thing we can do is wade through the pain, feel what we are supposed to and just get on with life, whatever is left of it.  When we are  in the middle of it we don’t want to hear that we will be stronger, or better, or anything that might be an improvement in our lives.  We only want oblivion.
Now having said all that dark stuff I feel I need to tell the other side.   Barb leaving Harry for “the next big adventure” was horrid and gut-wrenching, no doubt.  But after a year I see a great guy who has a renewed appreciation for life, children and grand children. Not to say that he didn’t see all this before but in a way it’s sort of like taking off your glasses and cleaning them. Things are a bit more clear.  A bit more bright because we are forced to realize how fleeting life is and how we need to cherish every bit of it.  So in my own way I want to salute this great guy who has waded through the pain (still is) and is not running from life but living every bit as fully as he can.

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Time Keeps on Slippin’, Slippin’, Slippin….

….Into The Future

   Steve Miller was right 30 years ago, and he still is today.  I remember when that song first came out, I felt old then.  I had already been married twice, had children and saw a comfortable, homebody existence for the rest of my days.  Even though this was my second marriage I was old-fashioned enough that I thought it would last forever.  But as they say the fates had other things in store for me.
   Over the years I had lost touch with most of my friends, due to a combination of factors, mostly letting someone else dictate my life.  But one thing that stayed constant with me was my love of art and the need to create things with my own hands.  When my second marriage failed a few years back I decided to give my art a name. I am still looking for an artistic center or focus, but that, as they say is another story.  Thinking of how I never seemed to have time in my life for anything, coupled with the fact that I prefer ancient, cave-type art I called it Out Of Time Designs.  It also seems to fit given that I am on the approach leg to old-age.
   So now I am re-connecting with friends, those that I can find, watching my grandchild go to college, and playing with my art once more.  Perhaps through these ramblings I will reconnect with more of the world out there.  So welcome to my little corner,  and feel free to chat about anything you see posted here.