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A Dark Journey…

8658595368_115f6dc5aa_z“The moon was full and bright, but a swirling mist slowed Filippa’s progress.  As she let her mare pick its way through the thick forest thoughts of her family filled her head.  She knew her brothers would be worried at her absence, but she also knew they would stop her from going if she had consulted them.  Her oldest brother, Pietro, was the most protective of her. He had fashioned a special necklace for her with an amulet in which he had placed a special prayer for her.   The chain he fashioned link by link interrupted only by glass beads her father, Ulisse, had brought home one evening. When Pietro found it gone as well as his sister,  Fillipa knew he would panic…”

Weave your own fantasies while wearing this OOAK hand-crafted necklace.  Length of chain is 25″, length of pendant-drop is 4 1/2 “. Chain is completely hand made with spacer beads of rose colored lamp work beads.  Pendant is made of a hollow polymer bead, a rose lamp worked bead and copper spacers.  It goes up for sale on my etsy site tomorrow.