LOL! OMG! WTF! The Death Of Subtlety And Nuance

Sadly I have not posted for some time now; it wasn’t really a writers block or even simple depression. Just a generalized funk at the state of affairs circa 2012.  More specifically writing in this era of internet and texting.

First off, I don’t always agree that television causes violent crime or video games made junior go out and kill ten of his neighbors. I think those things have caused our society as a whole to cheapen and degrade, but I feel that we still have free will to choose our course. Simply because a reality show has cheating spouses doesn’t mean you need to “fix” your marriage by the same method.  Neither does ‘Jersey Shore’ make you talk funny and wear 3 lbs of eye shadow.

However, even though I use them, I feel that internet and texting has worn away two things (among others) that make for good writing/reading.  Subtlety and nuance are all but absent today; in the age of ‘Fifty Shades‘ there is no appreciation for ‘Lady Chatterly’s Lover”.  I believe in the truth wholeheartedly, but that does not mean that we do away with nuance.  Perhaps I was spoiled growing up with only books and very little t.v.; I had to actually use my imagination. When I did watch anything it was usually old black and white movies-now there was nuance and subtlety!

I have always enjoyed writing simply for writings own sake. I never tried to make a living at it; it was my way of connecting with all the wonderful authors I admired over the years.  But somewhere along the way it no longer became fun; people started to tell me they liked my writing and foolishly I listened…just like those ‘singers’ who insist their friends love for them to sing.  So slowly I tried to change my writing to please others, ironically it was subtle and I didn’t even notice at first.  But then all of a sudden there it was; no one liked it unless it was of the “hit you over the head with it” style. Gone was the subtlety, gone was the need for the reader to interact with the author.  I don’t believe reading is a passive exercise; it is a collaboration between the reader and the writer.  If the writer has something to say he writes it. I as the reader am obligated to join in the exercise or close the book and find something easier.

So I suppose in a way this is an excuse (for not writing more often) but not an apology.  And in the future I will stick to writing what (and how) I like; if you choose to take the path less followed rather than the obvious, I invite you to join me.