WTH! Cooking

So I cook with the same philosophy that I live life…wth!  I like soups and stews best as they lend themselves to the “what the hell” lifestyle…throw in whatever you have!   Once in awhile though I do follow a loose recipe or outline, and the following soup is one of those recipes that I fix often in the winter months.  It is a good dish to fix on mondays after you have made a large pork roast on sunday.  On occasion, since there is often only me, I will make the roast anyway and freeze the left-over meat for soup.  So here is my outline, notice I say outline, and not hard and fast recipe.  You can adjust this as you like.

3 14 oz cans of chicken stock

3 cans of water (using the stock cans to measure)

1 dollop (eyeball it) of chicken base (McCormick)

1 cup each chunky cut vegs- carrot, celery, mushrooms, and leeks

2 cups leftover pork roast-also cut into chunks

The leeks are something that gives it onion flavor without being overwhelming,  this is a delicate soup, full of flavor without hitting you over the head.  I don’t use big round onions much anymore and instead use scallions or leeks. Those are the things that look like scallions, or spring onions on steroids. It’s funny but most of the young kids at my grocery don’t have a clue what leeks are, and forget about parsnips, turnips and rutabaga! I can’t imagine what they eat!

I don’t add salt to this soup as the chicken base has some in it, and I taste as I go and adjust accordingly.  When I serve it I let people add salt and pepper to their taste.  Once in awhile I will add a little brown rice to the recipe if I have some leftover.  See what I mean, if you got it throw it in!  And there you have my WTH! Pork Soup Outline.  Pair it with a nice Asiago Cheese bread and some wine and you have a filling, comforting and easy winter meal!  Happy WTH! Wednesday!