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“Today’s Special Is…”

Bob knew that he and the night manager at the restaurant weren’t that different;  both had anger to spare.  Sometimes it was the slow burn, other times it was as fast as a match on a hot grill.  People would say of the manager that it was “that time of the month”, but Bob wasn’t sexist about it, he knew it went much deeper than that.  This woman was consumed with wrath at the whole world and Bob in particular.   However, years of jail, rehab and anger management classes taught Bob how to usefully channel his anger.

He was fortunate to land this job; many potential employers would not even return his calls.  So he swallowed the insults, bad hours and downright harassment, after all the economy is in a slump, right?  In his spare time (what little was left to him) he would develop new recipes as a way of letting off steam, thanking his lucky stars that he had the job of cook while in rehab.  If he could only make his dishes a hit the other managers might take notice. He might even get relief from the nightly assaults.  After all how patient could one man be?

The other managers realized the strain Bob was under but were powerless to do anything; all decisions were made by corporate headquarters after a managers meeting.  Whenever Bob presented a new idea she always shot it down. Bob decided he needed to make an extra effort to win over this obstacle to advancement.  He stayed late one night to see if he could make the night manager see his side of things.  As he poured over his spices and herbs he became aware of her voice yelling at yet another employee.  “Great”, he thought, “…now I’ll have double work tomorrow after this one quits!”  He had scheduled a meeting in the morning with the other managers, hoping to impress them with the new menu.  It looked like he would be thwarted once again.  His anger rose up at the injustice and frustration .

Just then the manager burst in on his thoughts, berating him for being on company time.  He assured her that this was all on his dime and asked if she would like him to prepare her a late night snack.  That seemed to calm her down somewhat and she started to chat with him about his project.  He was so happy to talk about his love of all things culinary, before he knew it he had poured out his heart and his recipes.  Realizing too late that this was just what she was after his anger flared like a grease fire.  Exercising every bit of his knowledge from the past few years he got it under control. He then told the manager about one recipe he had held back; this one would become his favorite dish.  He then set about preparing it for the presentation the next day.

Morning arrived and the managers were treated to a lovely table setting; Bob was smiling as though he didn’t  have a care in the world. In the center of all the samples was the piece de resistance.  Glancing around nervously, the staff waited for her to show up, but Bob explained there was no need to worry, the night manager had been there last night while he was preparing the dish. In fact, she had even helped him with some of the key ingredients.  Happily sampling the many choices arrayed, all agreed the favorite was the one Bob graciously named in honor of the night manager.

**Another Fantastic Fable based on one of the Seven Deadly Sins (this time Wrath)

***Photo Credit: Amelia Speed