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A Refuge From The Storm

8658463882_1acb570c92_z                        “The night was growing colder, it had started to rain and the wind whipped Filippa and her tiny mare, chilling them to the bone.  As much as she wanted to press on she knew that to do so would only weaken her and cause her to falter.  As she cleared a thick stand of birch trees she spied a faint light in the distance. Her mare must have understood and headed straight toward it; Filippa’s energy flagging, she allowed the horse free rein.

She was exhausted and near to falling off her mare when she saw a sign announcing the “Cavallo Bianco” Inn. Several coarse men were milling about the door, shouting and cursing.  Filippa nearly passed by but she was so drained that she took her chances; tying her horse to a post she stumbled inside. “Ho! What have we here? Come girl, give us a kiss!”, shouted one of the men as she passed by.  That started a great uproar and shouting from all the men, causing quite a din to arise.  Poor Filippa was at her wit’s end and near to fainting when a short, fierce whirlwind blew through the men, boxing their ears and banging random heads with a pot.  Surprised and startled into silence by the innkeeper’s wife the men settled back to the benches and resumed drinking.

“Come child, what is it you need?” Near tears Filippa poured out her sorrow as she sank to a table. Bustling about the stout little woman brought the young girl food and drink, all the while keeping a stern eye on the rougher patrons. After she had supped Filippa was led to a small bed in the room where the innkeepers children slept, there the kindly wife tucked her in for the night.

In the morning after a healthy breakfast Filippa was ready to resume her journey once again. After profusely thanking the innkeeper and his wife she pressed one of her treasures into their hands.  The tiny wife of the innkeeper had never seen such a lovely thing and was at first reluctant to take it, saying it was far too much. “I pray you accept this, and if you feel it is too much then perhaps when I return you would be good enough to take me in again”, replied Filippa.

Weave your own fantasies while wearing this one of a kind necklace featuring an amethyst pendant.  This and other romantic jewelry on my etsy shop.

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A Dark Journey…

8658595368_115f6dc5aa_z“The moon was full and bright, but a swirling mist slowed Filippa’s progress.  As she let her mare pick its way through the thick forest thoughts of her family filled her head.  She knew her brothers would be worried at her absence, but she also knew they would stop her from going if she had consulted them.  Her oldest brother, Pietro, was the most protective of her. He had fashioned a special necklace for her with an amulet in which he had placed a special prayer for her.   The chain he fashioned link by link interrupted only by glass beads her father, Ulisse, had brought home one evening. When Pietro found it gone as well as his sister,  Fillipa knew he would panic…”

Weave your own fantasies while wearing this OOAK hand-crafted necklace.  Length of chain is 25″, length of pendant-drop is 4 1/2 “. Chain is completely hand made with spacer beads of rose colored lamp work beads.  Pendant is made of a hollow polymer bead, a rose lamp worked bead and copper spacers.  It goes up for sale on my etsy site tomorrow.


Filippa’s Gift

Fillipa's Gift                 “As she drew it gently from its velvet-lined casket Filippa noticed the gleaming links; knowing that Sforza had made this especially for her caused a pang in her heart.  Sforza was a poet, an artist with a soaring soul that only Fillipa could possess. Sadly she had just learned that he had been captured by agents of the Borgia’s and was fearful of his safety. As she slipped it around her neck and fastened her cloak tightly there was a determined set to her chin. she would sell all the jewelry her family had given her to ransom her lover but she would not sell the necklace that he fashioned for her slender throat. In the dark of night she slipped away, mounted her bay mare and rode quickly through the mist; she would reach Milan in time if it took her last breath…”

If you long for a bit of fantasy in your life start with this delicate necklace-who know where is might lead?

Necklace is 23 inches long (can be adjusted) with filligree connector and hand crafted glass bead. Entire necklace has been distressed and patinaed, then sealed. It will be in my etsy store tomorrow.