New Beads For Spring…

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Spring always brings a renewal; we like to do our spring housecleaning, getting rid of the cobwebs and freshening things up. It also brings about a renewal of our creative energies as well. I have begun to think about my new beads for the year and one of the first is my take on the humble morning glory. It is a simple flower, not one picked for bouquets or corsages, yet one that  I love so much as it reminds me of my grandmother.





This next set of beads is a flight into fantasy. What would seeds on other worlds look like? What would grow from such strange pods? Flowers or food? What of the animals that graze on this weird plants.

Do you like making your own jewelry creations? Stop by my etsy store to purchase these and many other rustic, fantastic beads.

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Author: K.L.Richardson

As a child I loved fantasy play, reading about and creating a world that was eons away from the present. for a brief time as an adult I had to "grow up" and attend to duties as a wife and mother. Now the children are grown, the husband gone and it is time for me. I have once again entered that fantasy world to write and create for myself and others if they choose to partake of the fantasy.

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