WTH! Wednesday

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Ok…ok…it’s the holidays and I am lazy as all get out!  No new posts–just pics of my equally lazy cat…her name is Peeps, she is a rescue cat and we love her mightily.  She on the other hand barely knows we exist, which is typical of cats so we forgive her.

I am sure you are all finding other things demanding of your time as well, so I don’t feel to bad about my lack of originality at this point.

The above picture is what happens when one of the many strays in the neighborhood discover that there is a gorgeous feline living just down the street! He is obviously mesmerized by her beauty, as she feels he should be.  This last picture is what happens when you mix a cat and a granddaughter with a mischievous sense of humor.  I just might repost this on Easter!


Author: K.L.Richardson

As a child I loved fantasy play, reading about and creating a world that was eons away from the present. for a brief time as an adult I had to "grow up" and attend to duties as a wife and mother. Now the children are grown, the husband gone and it is time for me. I have once again entered that fantasy world to write and create for myself and others if they choose to partake of the fantasy.

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