I Have An Attitude?


As I pulled into the parking lot at Kroger’s this morning I was surprised at how crowded it was, then I realized people were stocking up on snacks for a football afternoon. So as I hunted for a spot I noticed a gaggle of teens hanging out near the handicapped parking. I am not handicapped but I have friends who are and I take umbrage at people who misuse those spaces. One girl had even parked her car perpendicular to the handicapped spaces effectively blocking two of them. I parked my car fairly far away and by the time I had walked to where the teens were, another car had pulled up there. Glancing in I saw the lady inside had a tag plainly visible. The girl did nothing, continued on with her PDA’s oblivious to her surroundings. Seeing the lady in the car was perplexed and distressed I simply said to the girl, “You have your car blocking the handicapped space.” Instead of simply getting in and moving her car she chose to unleash a torrent of invectives at me….”All right, jeez! Don’t get an attitude with me! Who do you think you are-just tell me to move the damn car, don’t get so snotty.”  Whoa! Back off !

Since she was moving the car and the lady who needed the spot was pulling in, I just kept walking. And really what point would it have served for me to try and explain that I didn’t have an attitude but was simply making a request. Some one once said a good offense is the best defense, but why did she feel she needed to defend that awful behavior? And at what point in time did teens (even the incorrigible ones) lose that internal voice that kept them respectful of adults and the elderly? Thank goodness I am rational enough to realize that is not the norm, even though there are times when it seems that way.

People quickly toss out the word karma in situations like this, as if to say she’ll get hers some day. Is it really about that or the fact that she is failing to learn a life lesson that might serve her well as she ages and becomes infirm. Watch and learn, grasshopper…


Author: K.L.Richardson

As a child I loved fantasy play, reading about and creating a world that was eons away from the present. for a brief time as an adult I had to "grow up" and attend to duties as a wife and mother. Now the children are grown, the husband gone and it is time for me. I have once again entered that fantasy world to write and create for myself and others if they choose to partake of the fantasy.

3 thoughts on “I Have An Attitude?

  1. Adolescents (sp?) , sadly, have as a default stance,” I f an adult is talking to me, they must be pissed. Their responses are amazingly subjective: rationality simply does not work. In the customer service department at P&G, there was this little joke about many people who called in: they wouldn’t take “yes” for an answer. People would call, ready to pick a fight. There is so much noise, aural and emotional, that few people have they the inner quiet to not be threatened. It’s amazing to me, how many workmen have come into my house ready to apologize for EVERYTHING. That’s the flip side. By the time they leave, they declare me to be the nicest customer ever. And all the I have done is be polite and reasonable. It’s not just young people who have forgotten how to respect..

  2. I hope she never has a blue plaquard hanging from her rear view.

  3. Watch and learn, is right.

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