Rainy Day Woman

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Today was a typical Cincinnati spring day….rainy, chill and dreary.  Days like this just sap all my creativity  so I find the best thing to do is a dreaded studio clean-up.  On the best of days this is not my favorite thing to do, but if I don’t periodically create some order in my work space I won’t create anything worth showing off.

 As a child I was very creative and was constantly into something.  My long-suffering mother though managed to make sure that I put things away when I was finished with a project. I had “chores” and I wasn’t allowed to start a project until my chores were finished.
And while I enjoy unfettered creativity there is something to be said for picking up after yourself.
So as I finish my tea and toast (and this post) I will gear to tackle the monster waiting in the basement, otherwise known as my workshop. With some upbeat music and my cat to keep my company I should be able to at least see the table top by dinner time!

Author: K.L.Richardson

As a child I loved fantasy play, reading about and creating a world that was eons away from the present. for a brief time as an adult I had to "grow up" and attend to duties as a wife and mother. Now the children are grown, the husband gone and it is time for me. I have once again entered that fantasy world to write and create for myself and others if they choose to partake of the fantasy.

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